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Posted by mahsstory on February 25, 2009

Reluctantly, the wheel chair was rolled from what Victoria had believed was an investment.  Mamie A. Horne had also sank $7,000 into adjacent lots and hundreds more making ready for the construction which never came.  1995-1996 had been a very traumatic period for the family.  These matters clearly related to a kind of neglect which one tend to call dysfunctional and can not be easily brushed away but the underlying laws a practices extended into the present.  There has been a reference in this work about the fierce urgency of now but what is presently observed is the predominate and fierce practiced of then.  These matters relate to TAKING of labor and exploiting capital on every level.

            The parasitical feeding on the house was by more than the termites.  Undermining of the laws deprived Dade City of the participation of a major part of the community and disregarded rights and privileges with those in charge greedily wishing every advantage and control over every asset.  This sense of power and control  was what the master craved.  It was all about getting the oranges of  the trees after that period the workers migrated north to harvest the peaches and apples.  After the 1981 and the back to back 1984-1985 deep freezes Dade City citrus never recovered.

            The mind-set of those over the city did not change either everything was still in black and white.  In 1986 James Ammons Jr. Filed a discrimination complaint against the city for paved streets and sewage system in the black community which had been targeted.  The private had returned to the community and worked in the orange field and did not engage in the city politics.  Usually, it was too dark in the morning when the private went to work and even if he was not able to work and went on a bus it was too dark when he got home.  Often he sat on the bus until the crew was ready to return to Dade City.

            By 1996 many thing had come apart and he was engaging in putting them in some



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Posted by mahsstory on February 25, 2009

Victoria had been the quiet unassuming strong spirit person.  She loved her family and the old house was to provide a home to them.  The doors were open to any who had fallen on hard times and her desires was to do much more with it but it was never to be hers in the wildest imagination.  This was the nature of the structure by 1993 when her niece move in and purchased two lots adjacent to it.  The termites from the old oak out found had eaten the core from the structure.  Dade City would not allow her to use funds to rebuild the house.  The old white citizens council of Dade City had become the council of the City Commissioners.  Only the name had changed and those Covington’s and other owners were determined to TAKE land after pushing over the black owners property.

            Dade City had been place in time where a few had flocked to stake their claim on the land and become ranchers and citrus growers.  These primary purposes were in the hands of a few such clans who had lots of acreage and set aside a commons for those workers who dare invest into property.  This general class of workers who dare place a stake in Dade City were divided into two distinct groups.  Jim Row Harper the undertaker and Professor Micken’s were of the primary professional class of up and coming blacks and Victoria and her family was of the working class.

            What both black family live were different in regard to those living in Micken’s -Harper subdivision were between the professor and the undertaker.  They were blacks who were encouraged to own property and some had independent businesses some even lived on the edge of the zone targeted community and were scattered sparser among the workers.  But generally they were allow a zoning which allowed them to transfer their clap board properties into cinder block if they choose.

      The Caucasian life was no mystery to the Private although the schools weren’t integrated until the affirmative action civil right actions under title VII which was passed in 1964.  The private graduated from high school in 1963 and was a part of the old period of strict segregation.  This was the age of Emmit Till and looking at some white people was forbidden.  Dade City was divided but the private saw poverty across the track in Tommy Town where many poor whites lived in trailer houses.

            The designation was not the dog and cat level although there was no real completion for the jobs which were performed by his family.  His family was taught to open the doors to any person who came and asked for help.  This included those from across the track as well as hobos who hoped on and off the trains.  The private had no knowledge about the situation regarding the zoning even though he had ran the mortgage payments to Mr. De-Carr Covington office when he was just a lad in knee pants.  These economic and racial matters was well hidden and one looking on would think it was a slough which in the family which caused the expanding blight over the whole community.

            He never under stood the problem until Mamie A. Horne had returned to Dade City to began rebuilding the property and ran into trouble.  There was lots of praying and shouting but the majority of the acts of the females were hidden until they required some kind of action or inter-action with the law.  He had returned to Dade City 1984-85 because of harassment by IRS and attempts to help her resolve a civil rights complaint.  By the time she came to Dade City his aunt Vick was in poor physical condition and MAH was not able to provide the help which was necessary although she did the best she could.

            There was a lots of energy tied up in the house and the people were just as tied to something spiritual which the Private understood but refused to accept but couldn’t totally dismiss.  This thesis about God and Country was spoon fed to everyone.  He studied everything and during his youth could not dismiss the elders but could not whole heartedly accept their beliefs.  There was clearly no investment function accruing from the hard work ethics and although he learned many things from his uncles most things were about survival.

            His brother and sisters had left Dade City to seek their fortunes somewhere else.  The small racist town politics was not something to be studies during their young age.  The glimpse which was given during their teen age days were transit.  Upon the return he compared the experience to some readings into the Cahier by Amie Ceasar.  All of the evidence could be seen from his sister standing by their Aunt Victoria as she was being rolled from the termite eaten shack which she still considered their home.






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Delapidated House

Posted by mahsstory on February 25, 2009


            This work assumes that the reader understand the basic myths which rule the folk lore of the American nation.  The people of America are a part of a larger mythology and this work approach those myth without reservations or judgments.  It is more about the soldier’s ordeals as they have been lived by soldiers in the public eye and those close to Morris J. Peavey, Jr.

            The conversations about God in this work use the basic Judeo-Christian doctrine and Muslim concepts and beliefs.  These belief form a basic thesis about the rights of mankind.  This work relates to the soldiers responsibility to protect and serve the US Constitution of the USA.  Since it is a spiritual odyssey of a private and how and why he dealt with issues the way he dealt with what are the basic  problems of living.  This can easily be called a soldier reality to the house of man and Allah.

            The other world reality is predominately a real conversation of the dis-enchanted beings not the place for the soldier. The  warrior class has always been the traditional middle class because he stand between the master and the servant.  His is the second estate because he knows that the man he serve as primus is not a God nor the son of God in shape, imaginary form or being.  He has served to lift the one commander up because the people can see him better.  The rise of the artist as the middle class gave rise to the thespian  as its master.  This new middle class creator of the various clerics, poets, and viziers are  a bunch of Anti-thesis.  They wish and do write their own script.  Their words are much ado about nothing.

            The soldiers dependence upon rule, regiment and law has been destroyed.  Chaos must rise out of this void.  The various voices  point where violence has engulf the people and is not controlled by a respect for law because the individual does not see himself reflected in the pax of the code.  Even in the world of the legions there is respect for the order which is pronounced by some charge to be kept by all.  This has no meaning to today’s societies.  Everything is just the vociferous chant of the viziers.  The big lie is what rule the worlds.  Where there is no truth justice can not be seen.  Power does not produce justice and where there is no justice there can be no peace.

            This is a basic story where a group of men point to the other group and blame man on his ultimate down fall.  Then there are some who will blame a escape goat on all the faults because the downfall of the Anti-Christ is so fall.  As the world spin into the present cauldron of fierce disappointments, we see this group into the single individual.  As such let us analyze a specific story through the lens of the Private.  The plates which were served to him during his youth can be seen in the little house by the side of the road.  One may think it is the house by the highway of life but it fact it was located at the corner of US 98 bypass and White House Avenue in a little place called Dade City Florida.  The house was purchased by Victoria Ingram in the late forties or early fifties.

            Dade City was a little racist community with paved streets for the White man and dirt roads which the private rode his bicycle until dust dark.  The ideas of his Uncles and elders had been discussed but the nature of this little house discussed in Mah & Family Values was just a hope which was not understood.  Victoria house was typical of the migrant village house located in the shadow of the Pasco Packing Plant where smoke and the smell of cooking orange juice could be smelled through out the winter months.  It was not unique from those shacks which were designed to rot around the inhabitants.  They were distained to this fate because the era was zoned by the city of Dade City so the migrant workers could buy the property by not remold the homes after 1975.  The zoning targeted the predominately black residents to restricted ownership which would never allow they to maintain and transfer any meaningful estate to their children.

            The Private had indicated his dismay over the treatment of the black women in his family and restrained any negative or derogatory remarks about the so called dysfunction and backwardness of his family.  He could not help noticing the common migration around the Anti-thesis and the rallying around momunshine.  Plate one marks the reality of the powerless land owners but more traditional of a destructive society controlled by predators which are commonly called racist.  This was a unique class of humans called by names which marked them as powerful but the helpless nature of their quest could but grade their real achievement.  Walking past resisting repelling their existence would have been the most appropriate solution.



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Hello world!

Posted by mahsstory on September 28, 2008

Gigi Tinsey journalist and editor of the Unity Press did this article July 5-11 2000 and it captured the story behind this blog so I point to it for you to fact check what went before and came afterward. I would like to thank Gigi for her kindness and dedication and mission to giving her voice to truth and her fearless effort to unity and peace.

Gigi follow-up story was done a few weeks later since the story  covered so much material over a large span of time.  The story of discrimination and race and sex harrassment is often that type of story and as the tree its many branches represent harrassment, oppression, takings and civil abuses.  Today I present this blog as my contribution to telling this Mahsstoryy which just won’t go away.  MAH is an acronym for Mamie A. Horne.

Earlier news stories were written by Sarah Huntley of the Tampa Tribune in April 7, 1996:  This story was written a few days before I suffered paralysis from my injuries to my spine.  I was diagnosed with spuring which developed absess on my spine C-4-6.  This condition result from a car injury which I suffered 1986 while constructive disharged from my USDOJ  Job.  I won a race and sex discrimination case against USDOJ DEA and was returned to work 1988 but was not well and my condition required extensive physical theraphy and was again denied proper sick leave to care for my problem and was placed on AWOL 1991 and again constructively discharged and denied medical retirement although other similiar situated employees were not treated this way.

Today the media has been given various news stories and my brother has informed me that he has talked to George Rogmanoli the director of PCCD.  I completed PCCD application which was approved in 1996.  The city of Dade City refused to allow the building saying that the property was zoned for commercial. The property had never been used for other than Real Estate.  The City refused to re-zone the property or allow a new house to be built although I had the approval based upon income, and Bank of America granted me the nessary funds to supplement PCCD grant.  My brother indicated that he had spoken to Mr. George Rogmanoli and Mr. Rogmanoli agreed to look back and restore the application if he agreed to work with Pasco County and the City of Dade City.  My brother said that he agreed but it never happened.

MAHSSTORYY is a reflection of many Americans who lost their entire investment in land and property after a long productive input.  My Aunt victoria bought the property in the early 1950’s or late 1940’s while working at the Pasco Packing Plant.  At the time it was the largest fruit processing plant in the United States.  The house was located within walking distant of the Plant.  During that period when the house was built Aunt Vic had two sons.  The oldest lson, Eugene Cooper, Jr. later served in the Korean conflict and was diabled due to frost bite:


We were all taught to believe in God and Country. The idea of service was ingrained in all of us. Therefore, you will see why it is so difficult for me the stop struggling for what I believe to be equal justice. The taking of the old house in Florida has been as traumatic as me loosing my home in Georgia and I am sure that many Americans know this type of lost. However, to have this occur because of race has a very sobering effect upon belief in fairness and justice. I had gone to live with my Aunt Victoria because I was homeless. I was denied social security disability, and also OPM disability although I qualified for OPM disability. Aunt Victoria’s house was in disrepair so I purchased the adjoining lots to provide enough land to make it practical to build on the cite.


Aunt Victoria was very happy to have me in her house. I was disappointed to see the condition of her house because she had always taken pride in her appearance and place where she had lived. The Habit for Humanities had began their ground breaking across the track and promised to help us. We were always taught to make the best of our situations.


We planted gardens in the back yard and followed the railroad to the idea of a better place and live.

The old Spanish moss hung from our trees also. What is this all about—growing up and coming home. I began doing what I could for my Aunt Victoria. It was also something which I needed. It was not like visiting but building something. She was excited about the prospects of seeing a new house on the property after all she had worked all her life for this plot of dirt. Every thing was not on the other side of the track as they said. Every thing was right there—everything that we needed.

Her family had been everything to Aunt Victoria. She was very pleasant and always wore a smile. I wanted to see her dream come true. She loved the Oprah Winfrey show and wanted her to come to our house and do her famous bar-be-Que. It would never happen but I was hopeful. I remember the days washing the towels, acid stained aprons and juice splattered shoes.


This was home if not paradise.  Aunt Victoria had done what she could to save the house.  She had periods when she placed the house in a bubble.  The termites were in the old tree and she could not place the big tree in a bag.  I had come for the visits and returned but now it seemed that I was back in Florida for good.  I was still fighting the good fight.

I was continually hopeful because I saw the Habitat because it advertised that Habitat was building a better tomorrow for people who were in need. I saw their work and watched their ground breakings but it never happened for Aunt Victoria. So I went to Pasco County Community Development and spoke to Mr. Shiver and was officered a house which was contaminated by Radon Gas and destined for the land fill. I did not want to accept such an order and the plot thickened.


Mr. Shiver of PCCD took me to a house located at 7448 Betula Drive in New Port Richey and indicated that the house would be relocated to our lot for $40,000. I researched the proposition and learned that the houses were destined for the landfill because they were contaminated with Radon Gas. I suggested that PCCD assist me with building a new structure on the property. PCCD agreed that they would if I could get additional financing. I applied to Nation Bank and acquired a 3% loan for $25,000 and PCCD agreed to a non interest Loan for $35,000.

 PCCD had indicated earlier under the transfer house agreement that the old house would be demolished at no cost and it would provide $17,000 zero interest against the $40,000 assigned cost to the Betula property.

I set out to get the funding, surveys, and expand the size of the lot so I could build on the property.  Nation Bank indicated that I had a credit problem.  I got the credit report—

I spoke to my brother Morris J. Peavey, Jr. who had been my tax consultant and assisted me with para-legal problems when I was resolving my race and sex discrimination complaint against US DOJ  DEA.  He noted that IRS lein created a problem with my credit. He was a disable veteran and indicated that he had a VA housing certificate. We went to Nation Bank to inquire again about a loan and they agreed to provide me with adequate financing without involving my Brother or his VA Certificate.

The problems with bank and credit ratings were generated by IRS erroneous claim and continuing retaliation from the EEOC action. These things ultimately hampered my rights to OPM retirement. The US Government said that there was nothing wrong with me. I was placed on AWOL 1990 because my attempts to get proper medical treatment for my disabilities to my spine which had deteriorated. The injuries which I had suffered while I was constructively discharged from USDOJ was not compensated. I had prevailed in the EEOC complaint and was returned to work and suffered continued retaliation and harassment.

The OPM released the credits which I had in my retirement fund but IRS begin to exert its tax claims against my assets. I bought the two vacant lots which were adjacent to Aunt Victoria property for $7,000 dollars and paid $400 for a property survey and secured the Bank Loan to supplement PCCD. The application to demolish the house and build another on the site was complete. We were relocated because the house was inhabitable. Cares assisted us in the relocation to Lachochee, Florida and then to Zephyrhills, Florida. The housing situation was improved and the waiting begin. Aunt Victoria would ask me often “when are they going to build the house?” I kept in contact with PCCD asking the same question until finally they indicated that the City of Dade City had prohibited construction because the land was zoned commercial.

To avoid this being a jumble of incidents let me just say that I was being spin in a circle. The process that a child is put to by extending their arms looking up and turning round and around. My head and soul was spinning and I was not well. On September 17, 1990 I had an attorney David M. Melnick and had been forced out of work because the US Government had discontinued my medical benefits. My rent and utilities were past due; I didn’t have food; I applied for medical assistance with Department of Human Services; OPM would not act to restore my Insurance although I was still in the OPM System. OPM refused to grant me disability retirement although I had used up all my sick leave and was under doctor’s care. OPM did not act to assist me as a federal employee in any way when USDOJ again place me on AWOL although I was not able to return to work. I had to give up my apartment when the Welfare refused to provide me assistance in Washington DC. I called my youngest brother and sister and they got a U-haul and my homeless situation began in 1991. I was being harassed by the government agencies including the DC Human Services. When I came to live with Aunt Victoria the saga continued and my medical condition continued but I just gritted my teeth and tried to move forward. So now I was in the middle of a simple request for adequate housing after working so long for the US Government. In the matter of Discrimination filed against USDOJ see US District Court 88-2367 JHG.




I attended a hearing to get the land zoning changed but the City of Dade City refused to provide grandfather zoning although the land had traditional residential zoning. The city of Dade City was adamant about the USE of the property. They refused to rezone it to residential or to allow a grandfather provision so I could demolish the old house and build a new one. We were forced to pay taxes on the properties but not allowed to USE the property as a residence, or rebuild the property. We were forced to pay rent to Pasco Housing Authority while we continued pay taxes. PCCD had agreed to demolish the property at no COST as part of the reconstruction and re-development of the property. It was about conspiracy and Dade City acted to delay one action while they created a second. PCCD indicated it would work with City of Dade City to correct the zoning problem and later blamed Dade City for not rezoning the property.


The problems were more than working people trying to make ends meet. The story was about citizens being denied proper retirement after putting so much into the system. Aunt Victoria had worked all those years at Pasco Packing plant and put so much faith in hard work and looked forward only to seeing her house rebuilt and her last enjoyment was watching Oprah Winfrey. She held her breath watching the OJ Trials and would ask “What do they want to do to him–cut him up and eat him?”


The Congressman was always my last resort. I realized that it was a way to complain about the abuses of government and way to archive the facts of this matter. If I was just complaining, and the problems could not be proven time would support the truth. The liar wished things would go a way with time or we would just die and go away. But we kept living and praying things would get better. They just kept getting worse.


In May 1996 while the PCCD and Dade City denied Aunt Victoria, Bob, and me assistance I became paralyzed. The Government could care less and Human Resources Department denied that I was totally disabled. I was transferred to Baltimore MD so I could be near my oldest son who worked with the IRS. I was treated by John’s Hopkins Hospital and was continually denied Social Security Disability. I had not been able to work from the time I was placed on AWOL by USDOJ. The OPM released the credit in my retirement fund while denying my right to retirement disability. I had spent most of the money acquiring the lots and paying some of the back debts to those who had helped me through some of the most critical times of my life. Even in this condition a Social Security hearing judge found that I could lift fifty pounds in my condition and was able to be fully employed.


It was discouraging enough to experience these things while watching my sons grow-up. This became more of a problem of justifying my loyalty to the Government and suffer the discrimination while watching my Sons as men in the service of this country serving in the US Marines and Government service. It was very serious for me to think of the sinister actions of the agencies and their attempt to deny all of this work and service with such disrespect. In the face of all these experiences it was most depressing to see how the City of Dade City treated Aunt Victoria and her family. It all showed the under belly of discrimination and its wide spread disrespect for people who had done so much of this country.

I had spoken to my oldest brother and asked if he could write something about these experiences earlier during the period when my mother Leona died. She had wondered off into the snow from a nursing home in Georgia and froze to death.


My brother told the story as he say it. [Our mother had died in the snow December 1995 and I have explained the struggle which Aunt Victoria, Bob and I]. He was around to witness these things and he was a disabled veteran with heart and kidney dysfunction resulting from injuries he received from being struck by an automobile. We were believers, mostly Christians, but he practiced Islam. His point of view was often different so the book explained his reaction to seeing US women suffering from what he saw as following things which we should have resolved i.e. flawed family traditions, beliefs, and propaganda. His beliefs, statements and actions often was opposed but when he was around he gave us what he believed was his best advice. When we asked him to pray for us he would say “the best prayer is good advice.”

When I became paralyzed he assumed the payment of the taxes on the property and stored my furniture until I returned to Miami 1999. The IRS maintained the tax lien on the property. The Social Security continued to deny my disability and the Welfare indicated that the house was worth $30,000 and ignored the $18,000 tax lien which IRS had placed on the property October 1994. It was clear that there was not over $2,000 equity in the property using the Pasco County Appraised value but the Florida Children and Family indicated that I owned assets which were in excess of this amount showing the real estate value greater than the accepted appraised value. The IRS continued to threaten to take the property for taxes and their lien was perpetual and beyond the TEN year period for collecting on what they showed as 1988 taxes due.

In 2000 my brother gave me a notice that he would not stand idly by and let me lose the property while he continue paying taxes on it. He suggested that I file a quit claim and statement warranting title to prospect his financial interest in the property. I gave him the quit claim and the IRS transferred the lien to him although he indicated that he had no federal taxes due. The lien was maintained against the property until he filed a claim with the Treasury Department and it was lifted September 11, 2001.

He indicated that he continued to attempt to get the property re-zoned because I wanted to establish a House of Refuge to help people that was in distress, abuse, and just needed a place to rest their spirit. I had been around too many people who had gone though unthinkable ordeals; I had received a tape showing my mother being placed on a stretcher after being found frozen in the snow; I had experienced the pain and suffering from injuries while those responsible looked the other way. I had watched my Aunt Victoria quietly give space in her home to so many family members. I wanted to continue the tradition.


The City of Dade City indicated that it would tare the old house down and charge my brother for the cost of demolition. He refused to bulge on the issue because he say that the City of Dade City had intentionally blighted the property and blocked the demolition. He indicated that PCCD would have demolished the property for nothing and constructed a new dwelling on the site if Dade City had not prohibited the building. He says that the City of Dade City had agreed to stand aside and allow the zoning if he and PCCD could reach some kind of agreement to rehabilitate the property in 2007.

My brother indicated that he spoke to the PCCD and they agreed to look back if he wished to transfer the property back to me and the City of Dade City agreed to re-zoning the property. He received nothing in writing and again requested PCCD to place something in writing. Mr. George Rogmanoli was the person in charge of the application in 1996 who indicated that the City of Dade City blocked the application in 1996. My brother said in 2007 he had agreed to work with him. The City of Dade City refused the re-zoning and issued the second demolition order ignoring the early appeal which they held at bay from 2006.

I received a call from my Niece in Tennessee indicating that they were looking for her dad about the property. I tried to talk to him and he said no one could be looking in Tennessee for him because the City of Dade City had his mailing address and he was in communication with them about the house. They knew that his mailing address was 12315 NW 23rd Avenue, Miami, Florida 33167; he does not respond to telephone calls and that he did business with the City of Dade City by mail. He believed that any information directed to his children in Tennessee or else where was a type of harassment not an attempt to locate him.

This is my blog and I want to set the record straight.  You see the news reports on this blog, anyone out there is welcome to comment.  Have you heard anything different.  Please make your comments here.

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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