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Posted by mahsstory on February 25, 2009

Victoria had been the quiet unassuming strong spirit person.  She loved her family and the old house was to provide a home to them.  The doors were open to any who had fallen on hard times and her desires was to do much more with it but it was never to be hers in the wildest imagination.  This was the nature of the structure by 1993 when her niece move in and purchased two lots adjacent to it.  The termites from the old oak out found had eaten the core from the structure.  Dade City would not allow her to use funds to rebuild the house.  The old white citizens council of Dade City had become the council of the City Commissioners.  Only the name had changed and those Covington’s and other owners were determined to TAKE land after pushing over the black owners property.

            Dade City had been place in time where a few had flocked to stake their claim on the land and become ranchers and citrus growers.  These primary purposes were in the hands of a few such clans who had lots of acreage and set aside a commons for those workers who dare invest into property.  This general class of workers who dare place a stake in Dade City were divided into two distinct groups.  Jim Row Harper the undertaker and Professor Micken’s were of the primary professional class of up and coming blacks and Victoria and her family was of the working class.

            What both black family live were different in regard to those living in Micken’s -Harper subdivision were between the professor and the undertaker.  They were blacks who were encouraged to own property and some had independent businesses some even lived on the edge of the zone targeted community and were scattered sparser among the workers.  But generally they were allow a zoning which allowed them to transfer their clap board properties into cinder block if they choose.

      The Caucasian life was no mystery to the Private although the schools weren’t integrated until the affirmative action civil right actions under title VII which was passed in 1964.  The private graduated from high school in 1963 and was a part of the old period of strict segregation.  This was the age of Emmit Till and looking at some white people was forbidden.  Dade City was divided but the private saw poverty across the track in Tommy Town where many poor whites lived in trailer houses.

            The designation was not the dog and cat level although there was no real completion for the jobs which were performed by his family.  His family was taught to open the doors to any person who came and asked for help.  This included those from across the track as well as hobos who hoped on and off the trains.  The private had no knowledge about the situation regarding the zoning even though he had ran the mortgage payments to Mr. De-Carr Covington office when he was just a lad in knee pants.  These economic and racial matters was well hidden and one looking on would think it was a slough which in the family which caused the expanding blight over the whole community.

            He never under stood the problem until Mamie A. Horne had returned to Dade City to began rebuilding the property and ran into trouble.  There was lots of praying and shouting but the majority of the acts of the females were hidden until they required some kind of action or inter-action with the law.  He had returned to Dade City 1984-85 because of harassment by IRS and attempts to help her resolve a civil rights complaint.  By the time she came to Dade City his aunt Vick was in poor physical condition and MAH was not able to provide the help which was necessary although she did the best she could.

            There was a lots of energy tied up in the house and the people were just as tied to something spiritual which the Private understood but refused to accept but couldn’t totally dismiss.  This thesis about God and Country was spoon fed to everyone.  He studied everything and during his youth could not dismiss the elders but could not whole heartedly accept their beliefs.  There was clearly no investment function accruing from the hard work ethics and although he learned many things from his uncles most things were about survival.

            His brother and sisters had left Dade City to seek their fortunes somewhere else.  The small racist town politics was not something to be studies during their young age.  The glimpse which was given during their teen age days were transit.  Upon the return he compared the experience to some readings into the Cahier by Amie Ceasar.  All of the evidence could be seen from his sister standing by their Aunt Victoria as she was being rolled from the termite eaten shack which she still considered their home.







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