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Dade City PCCDD Actions of Taking properties

Many migrant populations were in the target ZONE in the City of Dade City Florida.  Their properties were developed by the wealthy ranchers and citrus farmers like Hercules and Evans and De Carr Covinton.  The rise of the local governments of America’s Southern town were from their White Citizen Councils.  Very little changed in these hamlets of injustice after the passing of the Civil Rights Bill because of the entrench immorals and unrepentent racism.

A powerful government unchecked can be a very abusive entity. These outlaws use the process to benefit their specific families or groups and dump on society. These are not true republics. The abuse which Mamie A. Horne was suffering always found its way back to her brother. It was usually compounded when it returned. By the time the IRS got back in the act the VA was acting to deprive the private of simple basic assistance. Then there was the wholesale destruction of many federal records.

The tactics did not change but over time they were more demanding and threatening. After Mamie A. Horne became paralyzed the private wrote a series of books related to the family experience and the religion of racism. The books did not get much traction so there was just a minor reaction—threats from the VA increased and the IRS continued its old campaign and the City of Dade City used typical delaying tactics.

This will not burden the reader with too many documents related to these actions and will attempt to conclude with this series supporting the fact that these agencies were deliberately acting in violation of every administrative law which exist under 5 USC 706 and 5 USC 552 to effect its frauds. I would assume that they had their particular individuals to carry out these illegal actions. In the case of Dade City the lawyers and the Mayor were directing the actions. They used the clerks to deliver various agenda but they were fully behind the frauds to take the property.

Pasco County act in concert with Dade City of effect the frauds. Pasco County knew or should have known the Dade City zoning regulations which went back to 1975. Pasco County attempted to make various repairs to the old house and was unsuccessful because of the poor building structure. Pasco County relocated the family into temporary housing for a few months until suitable housing was available in a Pasco County housing unit.

Victoria Ingram, Family, and Mamie A. Horne were referred to Pasco County Community Development Division for assistance. PCCDD knew or should have known about the City of Dade City Zoning restrictions. PCCDD took an application from Victoria Ingram and Mamie A. Horne to rebuild When it came again to the court the judge used the magistrate to write recommendations to dismiss the initial complaint with prejudice while suppressing evidence responding to motions to dismiss.



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