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My name is Mamie A. Horne [MAH]   This photo was taken 1986

Welcome to this blog: This resume will give you information of my background training, employment and other personal experiences through 1991.




THIS resume was prepared to provide my attorney with my experiences through 1990.  I was going to court for USDOJ continued acts of reprisal against me.   The resume does not reflect these facts but it give a sense of time and place about my duty assignements up to the point when I was placed on AWOL by the USDOJ.  This section will provide the reader with facts ABOUT this period—1986 through 1990.


THIS PICTURE  is during my pregancy with my first son Darrell.  This was during the period 1962-1965 on my resume.  I had already began my career with the US Government and was a clerk with training in business machines to include the typewriter, IBM keypunch machine, and dictiphone.  I had education in clerical and business procedures from attending Drake College of Business in Newark, NJ.  It was a period of politics and renewed hope and Civil Rights and Movements.  My Movement surrounded.

Family, church and friends.  This is a picture of Elder Parrott he was a preacher who looked out for our church family.  He encouraged all of the youth in the church to study and learn how to become productive individuals.  He believed in self empowerment and introduced many of the members of our church to working for the federal government.  Most of my friends were members of the church and employees of the US Government.

Willie Horne became my knight in shining amor.  He had been my childhood sweetheart and became the father of my children.

This is my family and the time we shared with friends.  We dressed our sons up and they enjoyed wearing their dad’s hats.  We had fun at Coney Island.

Friends and family, they worked, had fun, and married.


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