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Posted by mahsstory on February 25, 2009

Reluctantly, the wheel chair was rolled from what Victoria had believed was an investment.  Mamie A. Horne had also sank $7,000 into adjacent lots and hundreds more making ready for the construction which never came.  1995-1996 had been a very traumatic period for the family.  These matters clearly related to a kind of neglect which one tend to call dysfunctional and can not be easily brushed away but the underlying laws a practices extended into the present.  There has been a reference in this work about the fierce urgency of now but what is presently observed is the predominate and fierce practiced of then.  These matters relate to TAKING of labor and exploiting capital on every level.

            The parasitical feeding on the house was by more than the termites.  Undermining of the laws deprived Dade City of the participation of a major part of the community and disregarded rights and privileges with those in charge greedily wishing every advantage and control over every asset.  This sense of power and control  was what the master craved.  It was all about getting the oranges of  the trees after that period the workers migrated north to harvest the peaches and apples.  After the 1981 and the back to back 1984-1985 deep freezes Dade City citrus never recovered.

            The mind-set of those over the city did not change either everything was still in black and white.  In 1986 James Ammons Jr. Filed a discrimination complaint against the city for paved streets and sewage system in the black community which had been targeted.  The private had returned to the community and worked in the orange field and did not engage in the city politics.  Usually, it was too dark in the morning when the private went to work and even if he was not able to work and went on a bus it was too dark when he got home.  Often he sat on the bus until the crew was ready to return to Dade City.

            By 1996 many thing had come apart and he was engaging in putting them in some



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