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The Collar of domestication

which were express earlier in this work.



The generation of humanity can not dance around upon the graves of its ancestors reciting slogans and silencing the voices of those left to explain these ghost. What has happen in IRAQ represent the great day of calamity as expressed in the Holy Quran. Surah 101 is Al QARI or the mirror image and the path through Babylon is not mystery to men of mastery. The cries of the liberation theologian has picked up their voice against America and nation should take its pass slaughter as something of grave error and search the national conscience regarding such matters.

What Dr. MLK addressed in the fierce urgency of now was the alliance of this nation with the old French colonialism and the dope trade in the golden triangle. Today it is the same mistake made with the old British colonialist. The taking of the oil and Turkish opium bear a substantial cost and the ledger require balance.

These takings have been expanded against the American people by the government itself. Even in these crisis there are some privileged, racist, elite who wish to unload these serious mistakes upon the people. The mistakes and lies which has cost a mass of injured veterans are covered up with promises. What the US Veteran actually have is Haines V. Grober and bull shit. The system deliberated dragged out that case until Mr. Haines met his death due to neglect and deliberate delays by the VA. The law indicate that the had a right to remedy. When he died his wife pursued this right but was denied indicating that it was his and died when he died.

Before I go to far with the term racist please understand that there is no attempt to use this term as exclusive slander of a white majority. It is specifically related to the facts of this case. There is a broad reality to the practice of racism against black and other indigenous people who have been exploited and are still being exploited. The ranks of those who exploit contain every race if we wish to use color as the index of race. These exploiters are driven by the false inherit belief and go forward without thinking about the actions against humanity. Now that the prayers of a legion who follow the liberation theology has been again made visible we see an out cry.

The instants of racism and discrimination are presented by the documents and images. It should be understood that Dade City is like the ghost town to fit its spirit of the dead who rule it. The City pushed over the old house in 2008, tax and threaten to place a lien on the remainder. The attorneys, commissioners, and mayor acted in concert to take the property. These acts restrict the community from expanding the ideas which Victoria family might have brought to the process of helping to rebuild the city.

This same narrow view is proliferated all over the world among humanity. There has been nothing over the last 666 years to demonstrate that there is one come to cause the phoenix to arise from these ashes. The fashion of the fire bird and it time of coming gave us Mr. George Bush. What occurred was the late gathering of the ashes and someone to blow over the spot where the bird of prey was consumed. The feats of Cosmos De Medici and his blood line gave the Dragon a new life.

Many followed to copy him and create the illuminated elite society but today there is no dedication to understanding even the order of alcohol, tobacco, and firearms. Men just used these things for violence of pacification. The rampant rage in the society has taken over from the thespian. The soldier is lost in destruction. His training is left to Nintendo, Xbox and black opts. None dare call it conspiracy. That is exactly what we are examining. The Pro Se draft the complaint and the conspirators pick up the telephone.

Justice denied is justice delayed is a common maxim. All of the people rallied around Mr. Obama as some just watched as though it was some spectacle where color was not a measure. The out cry for justice, fairness and equity is a military demand. Mr. George Washington and Lincoln understood these facts about the command and the general pax codex. The abuse of these principles must be understood as history has taught. The cry of the preacher about the chickens coming home to roost relate to violence as a common practice returning upon the head of those who use violence unjustly. There is a broad mass of compliance with acts of terror and the rules of combat has changed where the whole of a community suffer due to the violent acts of a few.

VA and US Army was determined to take the matters too far. The other issues with Mamie A. Horne simply stirred up old ghost. The private had acquired the MBA and reached the level equivalent to the WO-4 in military terms. He was not immediately interested in living a live of lamentations over the injustice which had been practiced against him. If the US Congress did not wish to correct the problem and the US Courts acted against the Pro Se it was futile to complain. He always turned his attention toward progressive actions. The problem continued to come back and in 1993-1995 and 2000-2008 these problems related to attacks against his sister Mamie A. Horne.

These problems related to the so-called dysfunctional family will not be explored here because that subject would require an entire book. However, it should be said in all fairness that the family have a grave responsibility to determine their place and act to make sure that unity, love, discipline and justice exist in their ranks first. In regards to the law it should be practices in the family first.


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    exactually what is you talking about.
    some gebrish or is this word spelled right?

    laughter makes the heart good.


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